Nuclear Imaging

Nuclear Imaging

We offer a wide range of diagnostic nuclear imaging services.

Hybrid SPECT-CT Technology

Our hybrid multislice SPECT-CT is one of the most advanced cameras scanners in New Zealand.

Lymphatic Scan    Scanner    Spine Fused MIP

The number of indications where SPECT-CT is adding significant value is rapidly growing. ‘SPECT ‘imaging allows us to view nuclear medicine scans in 3-D and multiple different planes, which increases sensitivity and overall accuracy.

The combination with multislice CT, however, adds even further diagnostic information also allowing very accurate anatomical localisation.

Combined Radiology Reporting

At Accuron, we take pride in offering a fully integrated radiology reporting service.

This means that all relevant information from other radiological studies e.g. plain radiographs, MRI, ultrasound and CT, is taken into account providing accurate and useful reports.

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